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Steps to start the review process:

1- Read the statement of Ethics and Malpractice

2- Read the author warranty statement

3- Read the copyright information

4- Papers must be a MS Word document. We recomend that your paper follows our formating guidelines

5- Go to our submission form to complete the submission process.

After your paper is received, a submission number will be assigned.

Should the paper be accepted for publication, all authors must sign a permission to publish form, which includes the warranty and copyright statements.


Standard Review: The standard initial review time is 90-120 days.  There is no review fee for standard reviews.  

Expedited Review: The expedited initial review time is two weeks. A $100 fee is assessed for this type of review.


Articles submitted to the Journal are subject to a blind peer review process.

Authors receive a correspondence acknowledging receipt of the submission and an assigned tracking number within ten business days of submission. 
The Editor initially examines submissions for suitability.  The editor may  utilize a software program to identify unoriginal text. Review-ready articles are forwarded for review.  Articles not ready for review are rejected.
Reviewers provide comments and make a general recomendation.  For revise and resubmit recommendations, reviewers indicate required changes for the paper to be finally accepted for publication.  For rejected papers, reviewers have the option to recommend the paper for a different journal.

The editor compiles the comments, adds his/her own comments, makes a final determination and notifies the author.  
Revised manuscripts are examined.  If all required changes have been successfully completed, the paper is accepted for publication.  If there are remaining concerns, a second review is provided. 


Publication Process

When a paper is acepted for publication the following occurs:

1-The corresponding author receives an email including acceptance letters and an invoice.

2-All authors must sign and submit a permission to publish form.

3- The corresponding author must submit a mailing address form.

4- Payment of publication fees should occur within the deadline stated in the acceptance letters

5- Accepted paper are scheduled for publication once all paperwork and payments are recieved.

6- Papers will appear in print between 4 months to 1 year after paperwork and payment are received. Print timing depends on the journal publication frequency and when a paper is accepted relative to the publication cycle of the journal.

Publication Fees

The publication fee is US$300 for papers with 1-10 pages.

The publication fee is US$30 per page for papers with 11 or more pages.

If your paper has more than 3 authors, an additional US$50 fee per author (exceeding 3 authors) applies.


A paper with 9 pages and 3 authors. The publication fees is US$300

A paper with 9 pages and 4 authors. The publication fee is US$350 (US$300 publication fee + $50 for the 4th author)

A paper with 12 pages and 3 authors. The publication fees is US$360 (12*US$30)

A paper with 12 pages and 4 authors. The publication fee is US$410 (US$360 publication fee + $50 for the 4th author)

Publication Timeline

Your paper will appear in print between 4 months and 1 year after it is finally accepted and paid.  Print timing depends on the journal's publication frequency and when your paper is accepted relative to the publication cycle for the journal.

For warranty information

For copyright information, self-archiving and digital preservations information.

For journal detailed information: GJBR, IJBFR, IJMMR, AT, BEA, RBFS, RIAF, RGN

Formatting guidelines are available at: guidelines