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The Institute for Business and Finance Research Journals

THE IBFR sponsors eight peer-reviewed journals:

The International Journal of Business and Finance Research
(IJBFR), ISSN # 1931-0269 print & 2157-0698 online
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International Journal of Management and Marketing Research
(IJMMR), ISSN # 1933-3153 print & 2157-0205 online
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Global Journal of Business Research
(GJBR), ISSN 1931-0277 print & 2157-0191 online
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Accounting & Taxation
(AT), ISSN 1944-592X print & 2157-0175 online
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Business Education and Accreditation
(BEA)< ISSN 1944-5903 print & 2157-0809 online
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Review of Business & Finance Studies
(RBFS), ISSN 2150-3338 print & 2156-8081 online
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Revista Internacional Administración & Finanzas
(RIAF),ISSN 1933-608X print & 2157-3182 online
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Revista Global de Negocios
(RGN), ISSN 2328-4641 print & 2328-4668
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