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The Institute for Business and Finance Research

The Institute for Business and Finance Research (IBFR)  encourages you to participate in our academic conferences, and to publish in our peer-reviewed journals.

Upcoming Conferences

26th GCBF Vegas, Nevada, January 2-5, 2019
27th GCBF San Jose, Costa Rica, May 28-31, 2019

Our Academic Journals

The International Journal of Business and Finance Research
International Journal of Management and Marketing Research
Global Journal of Business Research
Accounting & Taxation
Business Education & Accreditation
Review of Business & Finance Studies
Revista Internacional Administración & Finanzas
Revista Global de Negocios

We believe in the power of research and knowledge sharing. For our conference and journals, we welcome both theoretical and empirical manuscripts in all areas of business, accounting, finance, marketing, economics, management, information technology and related fields. Research topics do not need to be global in nature for the conferences or Journals. Topics specific to any country, area, or issue are accepted.

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